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  • Dust & Thunder: The AI-Generated Motorcycle NFT Collection
  • Eye of the Colored Splash: An NFT Odyssey

Dust & Thunder: The AI-Generated Motorcycle NFT Collection

Unleash the Revolution in Motorcycle Art with Unparalleled Discounts for Life at ClickAndFeelFree


Experience the world of motorcycles like never before with our Dust & Thunder NFT Collection, a ground-breaking fusion of high-octane motorcycling and visually captivating art, all designed through cutting-edge AI algorithms. 

This exclusive collection features a curated selection of limited-edition NFTs, each depicting a motorcycle engulfed in a mesmerizing explosion of colored dust and smoke. Capture the essence of speed, power, and freedom in a digital asset you can own, trade, and treasure forever.

🔥 Exclusive Perk: Own a piece from the Dust & Thunder Collection and receive a lifetime 20% discount code for the ClickAndFeelFree photo shop, where you can transform your NFT or any other cherished picture into high-quality posters, pictures, and other printed memorabilia.


  • Highly Limited: Only a specific number of NFTs will ever be minted, making each piece in the collection a valuable, one-of-a-kind asset.

  • AI-Generated Art: Crafted through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, each NFT is a perfect blend of technological innovation and artistic expression.

  • Lifetime Discount: Each NFT purchase unlocks a lifetime 20% discount at ClickAndFeelFree, making it a gift that keeps on giving
  • Minting Options: Mint your NFT directly onto OpenSea blockchain, ensuring full ownership and interoperability.

  • SEO-Optimized: This collection is perfectly positioned for high visibility, guaranteeing that your investment continues to appreciate. 

Why Invest in Dust & Thunder?

  • Unique Digital Asset: Each NFT serves as a certificate of ownership for a unique piece of AI-generated motorcycle art, authenticated on the blockchain.

  • Real-world Utility: Use your lifetime 20% discount code at ClickAndFeelFree to turn your digital assets into tangible, high-quality printed goods.

How to Buy

  1. Browse the Collection: View the available pieces in the Dust & Thunder collection OpenSea.

  2. Select Your NFT: Choose the AI-generated motorcycle art that resonates with you.

  3. Mint or Buy: Follow the on-screen instructions to mint or purchase your chosen NFT.

  4. Receive Your Perks: Your lifetime 20% discount code for ClickAndFeelFree will be sent to you instantly upon confirmation.

Speed into the future of digital art ownership with the Dust & Thunder NFT Collection. Rev your engines, unleash the smoke, and make these unparalleled pieces yours today!

For inquiries, partnerships, or custom pieces, feel free to reach out.

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By investing in the Dust & Thunder NFT Collection, you're not just buying a digital asset; you're investing in a lifestyle, an emotion, and a revolution in the world of motorcycle art.

Join us in making history. Own a Dust & Thunder NFT today. 

Eye of the Colored Splash: An NFT Odyssey


Step into a vibrant world of emotions encapsulated in individual, vividly colored eye splashes. Welcome to the groundbreaking NFT collection, "Eye of the Colored Splash." This enthralling series of digital art pieces combines the intricacies of human emotion with striking visual representation. When you purchase any NFT from this collection, you also receive a lifetime 20% discount at the well-known photo shop ClickAndFeelFree, opening up a realm of artistic avenues just for you.

About The Collection

The "Eye of the Colored Splash" collection comprises unique, digitally splash eyes that reflect the complexity of human emotion and thought. Each piece is a dazzling work of art, designed with precision and an acute attention to detail.

Limited Availability

"Eye of the Colored Splash" is an exclusive, limited-edition NFT collection, featuring 16 one-of-a-kind pieces. Every splash eye is a standalone work of art, contributing not only aesthetic value but also rare exclusivity to your digital assets.

Interoperability and Ownership

Ownership of a splash eye from "Eye of the Colored Splash" is more than just having a unique digital asset—it's an eternal testament of ownership, recorded on the blockchain. These NFTs are fully interoperable, enabling you to display your eye splash across various NFT platforms and virtual landscapes.

Exclusive Benefits

As a privileged owner of an "Eye of the Colored Splash" NFT, you will enjoy a lifetime 20% discount on any purchase from the extensive portfolio of art at ClickAndFeelFree. Whether you desire exquisite photographs to adorn your walls or are in need of high-quality shoots for your creative projects, you are forever entitled to an exclusive discount.

How To Purchase

Navigate to the online marketplace OpenSea to explore and acquire your exclusive "Eye of the Colored Splash" NFT. Upon verified transaction, you'll receive your NFT and a lifetime discount code for ClickAndFeelFree, sent directly to your digital wallet.

Awaken your senses, enrich your artistic collection, and dive into a world teeming with color and emotion through "Eye of the Colored Splash."

Embark on this extraordinary visual journey—your portal to a universe filled with boundless art and raw emotion. 

Splash of Full Body 
NFT Collection


Welcome to the "Splash of Full Body" NFT Collection, an exclusive digital art series that captures the essence of color, emotion, and freedom in a single splash. This collection is a collaboration between ClickAndFeelFree and some of the most innovative digital artists in the space. Each NFT is a unique, high-resolution image of a colored splash in full-body form, meticulously crafted to evoke a specific emotion or concept.

What Makes This Collection Unique?

  • High-Quality Artwork: Each splash is captured using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that every pixel is a work of art.

  • Limited Edition: Only a finite number of each splash will ever exist, making each NFT a unique digital asset.

  • Utility: Each NFT serves as a lifetime membership card, granting you a 20% discount on all future purchases from ClickAndFeelFree's online photo shop, available at ClickAndFeelFree on Pictrs

Why Invest in "Splash of Full Body"?

  • Long-Term Value: The lifetime discount adds a utility factor that most NFTs lack, making this not just a piece of art but a long-term investment.

  • Sustainability: A portion of each sale benefits creative project in kindergartens, so your investment is a step towards a more creative future.

How to Purchase

  1. Visit our official collection page and browse through the available splashes on OpenSea.
  2. Select the splash that resonates with you.
  3. Complete the transaction using Ethereum cryptocurrency.
  4. Your NFT will be transferred to your digital wallet.
  5. Enjoy a lifetime 20% discount at ClickAndFeelFree's online photo shop. 


The "Splash of Full Body" NFT Collection is more than just digital art; it's a lifestyle, an investment, and a step into the future of artistic expression. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this revolutionary collection.

Join us in making a splash in the world of NFTs and digital art. Welcome to "Splash of Full Body."

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